Day 9 – Loving the Greek island Milos!

As we booked our ferry tickets online, please do so a few months in advance especially when you’re travelling in the summer period ‘cos the tickets could be wiped out easily, you can just easily collect the tickets at the port area – where all the ferries are docked.

We spent some time wandering around the streets near the train station, thinking that we can collect those tickets at one of the travel agencies so don’t waste your time doing that if you’ve already booked the tickets online!

Heading for our first Greek Island – Milos.

We were pleasantly surprised by the ferry that we took – almost seems like a cruise to me! As the online greek ferry website does not show pictures of the numerous seating options, and I selected the airplane seat option, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the ferry ride..

Cafe on board the ferry!

Check out the comfortable seats! There’s different classes on the ferry, but an airplane seat option is more than comfortable for our 5 hour ferry ride from Pireaus (Athens) to Milos. The ferry does multiple stops along the way to other Greek islands as well, so remember to ask the staff beforehand to know which stop you should get off at! 

By the time we left Sifnos and were heading to the last destination (Milos) for the ferry, the cabins were almost empty, which is synonymous with AWESOME, since we’re travellers who prefer quiet beaches as compared to the touristy and noisy ones like Mykonos.

An advertisement of Milos I saw on the magazine before actually stepping foot on the island. I have to strongly agree with whatever the author wrote, for the promise is real.

I will return.

Sneak peek at the other islands during the ferry ride!

One day, I want to be on this speed boat too!

Coincidentally, we chanced upon an annual festival at Sifnos, i think. There’s too many Greek islands, can’t remember what’s what! And due to the festival, the ferry actually stopped by the island for an hour because the ferry was needed to transport some sort of monument to the people at the island! Because of that, we lucky passengers got to view the spectacular festival whereby one rich family on the island will sponsor for all the activities and the house required (shown in the picture) in the festival!

Plenty of smaller boats around.

Some kind of mini fireworks going on towards the end of the festival!

We reached Milos about an hour late and I was still worrying that our accommodation owner wouldn’t wait for us at the port! Thankfully, he was still holding on to a handwritten slip of paper with my name on it when we arrived at the port of Adamas. Within 10 minutes of car ride, we arrived at our accommodation – En Milos!

It’s a really good deal for the price we’ve paid! Such a pretty studio apartment cost us about 50euro/night, as we were still paying the low peak prices since we were there at the start of June. I think it can get even cheaper, 40euro/night, in the low peak season, but you would have to weigh the cons of the chilly waters & rainy weather vs. the cheap price you pay.

I personally think that June was a great time to go island hopping, since less touristy islands like Milos are pretty much deserted so you can enjoy the scenic beaches without hordes of tourists flocking on the beaches. Also, the weather is not as hot as that in August (the really busy period) and the waters are just a little bit chilly depending on your threshold for cold waters.

We loved the studio!!:D

Basking in the evening sun outside our studio!

If you’re thinking of staying in Milos, I would have to reluctantly tell you about this place. On one hand, I’m afraid that it will get more touristy and most of the time, service standards drop with higher volumes of tourists. On the other, this place is really so awesome that I don’t mind migrating to the island immediately and spend the rest of my life there!

The owner, George, is really friendly and hospitable to his guests! As we’ve been travelling for more than a week when we reached Milos, we had like at least 5 kg of laundry to be done! And guess what? He didn’t charge us a single cent for doing the laundry at En Milos and even kind of rolled his eyes when I asked him if we needed to pay for laundry.

Where else do you find such great service?

That’s George in the photo (the guy clad in a black tee)!

I loved the village of Pollonia. It’s about 10 minutes drive away from the port of Adamas, and is located on the north eastern part of the island. More secluded, and definitely more exclusive!:D

Loving the authentic white washed buildings (which I seldom get to see in Santorini). In Milos, at least 90% of the buildings are white washed and have blue domes. Perfect for photo taking!

Restaurant at the corner. The main area of the village is so small, that I reckon there’s only 15 shops and it takes about 2 minutes to walk through those places. But that’s exactly why i love this quaint little village!

Everyone knows everyone and I heard that there’s only 200 people or so staying in this village. 

Isn’t this mindblowing?

Cooking our first dinner – Maggi mee in Greece!

Cheers to a great time spent on the islands!:D


Day 8 – Ancient Agoras & Greek food!

The next day, we decided to be adventurous and just walk along the streets to hunt for some good breakfast.. And we happened to pass by a shop that sells mini donuts!

Chocolate donuts

Sugar donuts

The donuts tasted really good! We each had 1 sugar & 1 chocolate donut, and basically you should just stop there because the following day, we returned to the same shop and each had a plate of 6 donuts.


Sometimes, good stuff in life are meant to be shared.

Greek coffee

Tried out Greek coffee as well, but it wasn’t really to my liking, just like turkish coffee. There’s this powdery solid stuff at the bottom of the cup, so you aren’t supposed to stir it like normal coffee. And there’s also a bitter taste too it; if you’re used to the coffee machine coffees, you probably wouldn’t like it either!

Alleys in Greece

Happened to chance upon the changing of guards ceremony near the city centre.

Changing of guards

Changing of guards

Since we left the Acropolis early the previous day, we headed to the other attractions sold along with the ticket that cost about 12 euros for 5-6 attractions! Pretty worth the price I guess.. but even better if I remembered to bring along my student card! You get a half price discount by doing so!

Ancient agora

More sightseeing!

Dog lazing around

One thing that really fascinated me was the parking along the streets in Athens. I haven’t seen such spectacular parking ever.. the way the side mirror is plastered along the walls simply amaze me. And most cars do that! So.. driving in Athens, probably not my cup of tea!

Parking in Athens

More greek salads!

Greek salad

And my favorite food in Athens would have to be the Gyros. It’s similar to Kebabs, just that Gyros have some fries added in it too! And I love the sauces that particular shop used! If you’re staying near the Viktoria station, you should visit the small square near the station. The Gyro shop (doesnt have a name) is located beside a fast food chain restaurant!

Awesome Gyros!!:D

Day 7 – Downpour at the Acropolis!

And finally, we left Romania and headed for Greece!:)

Flight from Bucharest to Athens!

Initially, I thought that Tarom Air was a budget flight, and didn’t expect much from them since the round trip tickets from Greece to Athens cost us about 200+SGD/person. To our delight, they actually served us some pretty good breakfast! Therefore, lesson learnt: always good to set your expectations low!

Breakfast on Tarom Air!

After reaching the Athens airport, we started to search for our hostel that was located at the Viktoria station. To our dismay, the station was actually under renovation/maintenance since August 2010!! We were really disappointed with the Zorbas hostel since it was probably about 2minutes walk away from the Viktoria station. But due to the renovation that never seemed to be done after nearly a year, we had to walk about 15minutes every day just to take the train to get to the city!

Note: If you are planning to stay at Zorbas hostel, do remember to check with the staff if the station has started operating, otherwise try to stay somewhere else!

On a side note, the hostel was really old but thankfully, we had the 5 bed ensuite room to ourselves!!:D Other than the super low double decker bed (meaning that you are unable to sit straight if you’re sleeping at the l

Zorbas Hostel

Greek Salad!

Big Salmon!

Acropolis panorama!

Exploring the acropolis

Restoration in progress

Lots of places at the Acropolis were still undergoing restoration works at that time..

Then, before we knew it, it started raining cats and dogs at the Acropolis! We tried to run from one end to the sheltered end (not exactly sheltered actually as the ruins were decked with holes in between structures) and got terribly soaked in the process!

Like the other tourists, we had no choice, but to climb over the wire and enter the forbidden area in order to get a better shelter!!!

Before the rain!

Aftermath of the downpour!

Due to the heavy rain and our soaked clothes, we had to leave the Acropolis early and retreated back to the hostel for a great night sleep!

The upcoming travels: Hong Kong

Time flies! It feels like I’ve been back only for a couple of days since the 1 month backpacking trip – in fact, it’s almost 2 weeks since I came back! Ouch! That just means work is going to start soon; I hate the countdown.

Anyway, what lies ahead would be my 3 July travels namely Hong Kong (8-12 July), Krabi (16-19 July) and Bangkok (20-22 July). I’m feeling quite tired now from the packing, not a lot of stuff to pack for HK though, but I dare not drink coffee! Yesterday’s caffeine kept me awake till 4am, albeit attempts to sleep at 2:30am. This can’t happen again tonight since I’ve got to reach the airport around 5am or so! Despite the fatigue, I’m still pretty hyped up about my HK travel – it’s been a place I wanted to go for the longest time!

Hong Kong Crowd

Hong Kong Advertisements

Hong Kong Food

Hong kong Night Markets!

Yeah, those are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think of HK!

Anyway, this is my rough itinerary that I’ve planned for Hong Kong. Will update if it’s a feasible one when I’m back.

Day 1: Shopping at Mongkok/Tsim Sha Tsui area

Day 2: Go to Lantau Island and see the Big Buddha, take a bus to Tai O fishing village and end off at City gate outlets

Day 3: Head to Hong Kong Island side to shop at Central and Causeway Bay areas

Day 4: Take ferry to Macau, cross border to Zhuhai and return to HK at night

Day 5: Last day of shopping at Mongkok area!

Not to mention that there’s tons of great food hunting planned in the itinerary! Gastronomic adventures – here I come!:D

Day 6: Leaving the small city for big Bucharest!

Left Brasov and took the train back to the capital of Romania – Bucharest!

Capital city means
– more people
– more noise
– more expensive
– more unfriendly people

Ergo, I prefer smaller towns!

First up, we visited the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest!


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Palace is the world’s largest civilian administrative building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building.

There was a huge field in front of the Palace and tons of people were just relaxing and having picnic there!

Palace of the Parliament!

I remember being rejected by an unfriendly Romanian when I asked him if he could take a photo for us! And that was probably the first time someone did that to me!!

Anyway the gargantuan Palace looks good from afar, as usual, so we decided to give it a miss and proceeded to the city centre to look for bites!:)

City centre

When I first walked at the city centre, I was quite taken aback. Before that, I’ve heard from a local on the train (who is now my FB friend, how friendly!) that there’s quite a bit of old architecture in the city centre! And true enough, there sure was plenty of old buildings! What surprised me was that there was either some restoration works going on which resulted in lots of debris around the walking paths. It felt like I just walked out from a ‘I am Legend’ movie setting.

Coffee break 😀

Settled for a good coffee break again!

And that night, we met some Dutch at our hostel and went for some drinking session with them which didn’t end up that well! Thank goodness we returned to our hotel at around 2am or so and had a good 3hours of sleep before catching our early flight to Athens the next day!

Day 5: Vertigo in Sibiu!

For our last road trip in Romania, we drove for another 2 hours to a bigger medieval town – Sibiu!It was much bigger than Brasov or Sighisoara, and there’s plenty of stuff to do there! A pity we only stayed for half a day as we had to rush back to Brasov to return our car): Nevertheless, we were quite fortunate as we chanced upon a couple of annual festivals and parades that day!

First up, enough of picnics on the grass patches, so we headed for more gastronomic adventures!

We visited a traditional Romanian restaurant – Crama Sibiul Vechi. Once again, its located in an underground cellar!:)

Grilled pork stuffed with bacon and ham!

The Romanian food usually come in big portions, and they love potatoes as you can see from the mashed potato servings! The grilled pork was seriously too meaty for my liking; they stuffed in a few different kinds of meat into the grilled pork of which I could only remember the bacon and ham! Thank goodness I was sharing it!

Chicken breast topped with mushrooms

Another thing I like about Romanian food would be their wide variety of chicken breast dishes haha, that’s my favourite!

Crama Sibiul Vechi

The underground cellar restaurant with friendly service!

International theatre festival in Sibiu!

And yes, as I mentioned earlier on, we stumbled upon some big international theatre festival!

We visited the tourist information centres and learnt about the dozens of attraction that the town has to offer. Unfortunately we only had about 3 hours left before heading back to Brasov, so we gave up on the Astra Museum, which was a drive away from the city centre and we chose to scale some towers instead!

Biserica Evanghelica Sibiu

This tower is the tallest medieval tower in Romania – about 74m tall! The guide at the ground level had to check if any of us had vertigo since it could be potentially scary. I have an innate fear of heights but when I saw the tower, it didn’t exactly look that scary, so we laughed it off and started with our climb.

It started off with spiral staircases, which were still manageable. Then, after scaling for about 4 storeys or so, we walked to a different section of the tower and this time round, we had to climb staircases instead. The scary part – it was see through, meaning you could see what lies beneath every step you take!

Scary see through stairways

As it was really dark beneath, we couldn’t exactly see what was underneath but I could roughly figure that there were many pipes that were a few storeys below us! Freaky I must say! And of course, the old, creaky and metallic railings added to the atmosphere!

One of the rooms at the top of the tower!

Finally, we scaled up to the top and there were many rooms like the one above, where you could look through the window and view the picturesque scenery of the town.

Panoramic view of Sibiu

Parade dancers!

After the tower tour, we figured its time to sit down for another drink! But once again, we coincidentally stumbled upon another parade filled with blacks marching and dancing!

Thereafter, we drove back to Brasov and got stopped by the traffic police halfway during our journey for speeding. I’ve always had such luck when it comes to driving overseas (recalls: getting stopped by the police to check for license in Atlanta/speeding in Savannah/car got towed away at Miami/car brokedown in the middle of the junction in Alaska/beating traffic lights in Arizona etc.).

Anyway, whether we did pay our fines remain a mystery HAHAHA. Had a really good dinner that night at another underground cellar restaurant called Bella Musica! The interesting part of the restaurant was that you could choose the type of music that you wanted to hear while dining and they had a list of albums for selection.

Mexican fajitas!:D

The mexican fajitas were superb and piping hot! Not spicy though.

Comfortable Jugendstube beds!

Finally, headed back to our hostel and that was our final night in Brasov!

Day 4: Exploring Sighisoara!

We continued with the journey to explore the outskirts of Brasov and drove for 2 hours to a town called Sighisoara. The town is really scenic and small (compared to Sibiu)!

I later found out that this town, or rather towns in this area, have been inhabited by the Germans in the past. And so the locals say that the area generally looks nicer probably due to the influence of German architecture.


One thing I really liked about Sighisoara would be the architecture and the colour contrast amongst the old, yet well maintained buildings.

Picnic again! 😀

Once again, picnic time! Instead of croissants with cheese and ham, we got ourselves a roasted chicken from Carrefour! There was a little boy, young Romanian gypsy, who was actually trying to beg for food but we didn’t take it was too safe to give him any just in case more flock over. Thank goodness some helpful Romanian older men around the area shouted some stuff to him in Romanian and chased him away.

Random alley

As you can see, it’s a pretty old town filled with cobblestone alleys. My kind of thing(:

Coffee break 🙂

And of course, with our almost daily coffee breaks in between attraction visiting. I think the breaks got even more frequent when we visited Greece and Turkey, which I will elaborate in later entries hahaha.

City centre of Sighisoara

What a beautiful colour contrast right! This little square here is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, perfect for chilling!

View from top of the tower!

Proceeded to climb a tower to get a bird’s eye view of the whole area!

Lonely horse galloping on the roads

On the way back, we saw a horse galloping on the roads! He/she must be really lost because I don’t remember seeing any other horses in the vicinity. Speaking of animals, there were lots of other wildlife we saw along the way, so it’s a pretty good thing to drive and explore the outskirts of Brasov if you’re visiting there!

Headed back to a restaurant right outside our hostel called Prato since it was really late by the time we got back. About 9-10pm I reckon. And the good thing is that dinners in Brasov are usually real late. It’s common to have dinner around those timings, unlike Singapore!


Salami Pizza